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Victoria Gate is connected to the local district energy network for power, heating and cooling which substantially reduces the carbon footprint for the building.

Target EPC  – B   

Target BREEAM – ‘Excellent’



Victoria Gate is connected to the Thameswey Energy Ltd gas fired combined cooling heat and power (CCHP) energy station in Woking town centre. This energy system and network provides highly efficient heat, chilled water and electrical energy with significantly lower carbon emissions than conventional ‘grid’ distributed power and individual gas boiler or electrical heating systems.


Further information about Thameswey is available via the link below:

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In a CCHP installation the heat that is normally wasted at a power station and in transmission over long distances is captured and distributed via insulated pipes to provide hot water. The energy in the hot water is also utilised via absorption chillers to provide chilled water for cooling.

As a result, CCHP is a far more efficient means of generating and distributing energy than conventional centralised systems.  Even though the primary fuel used in the CCHP is natural gas, the CO2 emissions from the heat and electricity supplied to Thameswey customers are approximately 30% lower compared with power supplied by the national grid and heating provided by boilers within buildings.

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